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Just a note to explain the recent lack of updates:

I have a bun in the oven and have been super busy doing home renovations in order to prepare my house & a nursery for my spawn. The drop date is a little over a month from now, so from now until then (and probably a while after) I probably will not have enough time to make anything new or continue my current projects.

I still like creating and still have ideas that I want to try, but for now all my energies are going to IRL creations/renovations. I look forward to getting back in action once things have calmed down a little here. Until then, happy simming everyone.
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Kitty Klan has been updated with a mostly awesome (but slightly glitchy) hairstyle.


Download & Pics
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I fixed the shininess issue that all of my frohawks had. They should look significantly more matte now. Also, I added some shading to the crevasse at the bottom of the hawk and increased the texture's contrast, which should improve the appearance... especially if used with lighter hair colors.

Please redownload (unless, for some reason, you like ungodly shiny hair).
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This blush is a highly tweaked version of softGlo with narrower highlight & midtone regions, delicate cheekbones, and more defined noses. 

Download & Pics


Dec. 9th, 2011 06:08 am
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Kitty Klan updated with a bunhawk (roll & tuck frohawk) hairstyle

Download + pics

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 Two new patterns - Gradient damasks
4 colors channels / fabrics
Download at Kitty Klan

(includes request for [personal profile] moryrie )

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3 New Patterns at Kitty Klan

Also, if anyone has any experience meshing, I posted a thread at MTS asking for help to troubleshoot some small issues with my frohawk.
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Update at Kitty Klan. Two new patterns and a rant. The rant is about how I have asked MS3B to stop featuring my creations & why.  

Here are the patterns.

and here is the rant )
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2 pairs of sagging jeans, one baggy and one skinny, 3 textures each

a few more pics )

Download link & more pics.
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Moo hoo ha ha. )
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I made several updates to the site today.  More gay stuff, some paintings of men's adventure magazines, and science scribbles.  It's all stuff that's just been sitting on my computer for the past month or so that I haven't uploaded due to one superficial thing or another--little irritation fixes like making sure the correct number of thumbnails were showing.


Also, want to take this opportunity to thank the people who have left kind comments on my site.  I know it's a small thing, but it really is encouraging and nice to know that I'm not broadcasting into a void.


About tattoos for Ambitions:

I have been getting several questions about if I'll convert my tattoos for Ambitions.  In order for me to do this, the following needs to happen first:

1. A tutorial on how to convert tattoos needs to be released
2.  Corollary: This tutorial should preferably be for Not-The-TSR-Workshop. 
3.  I need to buy Ambitions and install it and make sure it's working correctly.

So, the answer is "Yes, but be patient."


May. 2nd, 2010 07:30 am
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I updated Kitty Klan last night with a few things. Too lazy to write. Pictures.

extreme homosexuality )

You'll see them on the recent uploads box on the frontpage. Just click on the picture and it'll take you to the right place.

Kitty Klan - Sims 3 Downloads
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Oh Jeebus, it’s been a while.

I haven’t updated in a while because I lost a lot of motivation for creating in TS3 for various reasons, including lack of interest in playing.  I’ve had the WA expansion pack since it came out… yeah.  Haven’t installed it yet.  Haven’t even touched the game in months.

So, it’s been a serious dry spell.  And I’ve been hesitant to jump back into the game.  I don’t even know if there are any special tricks I need to do to make CC work with WA, and I haven’t been motivated enough to look up the information, back up my saves/data, install WA, reinstall CC, and then check to see that everything’s fine.

Anyway, I was skimming over my old files today, and I remembered a bunch of the stuff I had been working on.  I have a bunch of projects that are 95% complete, and they’ve just been sitting in my folders for the past 5 months or so in a state of limbo.

As it turns out, one of these projects was already fully completed and simply needed to be uploaded to Kittyklan.  Well, that’s easy.  I don’t even have to take new pictures of anything!

So, here are some glasses I made by reworking one of the meshes in the game.  Hopefully, I’m still doing this right.  Memory is fuzzy.

More pics behind the cut

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A set of 7 paintings has been added today.

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A pack of 4 zombie & horror related shirts from Think Geek.  In addition to generic zombie on treadmill and zombie protestor are two pop culture shirts–a bloody S-Mart shirt from the Evil Dead series and a Sunnydale High School shirt from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Both sexes
Teen, YA/Adult enabled
Download from Kitty Klan

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Several changes have been made to the packages I’ve already uploaded.

A new file was added to the default faces page that contains separated packages. The .rar has 4 packages so that you can delete the files you don’t want.

  • toddler/child unisex faces
  • male faces (teen-elder)
  • female faces (teen-elder)
  • female overlay replacements

Download default faces from Kitty Klan

hiDEF, softGLO, and Eye Baggage are now usable by teens in addition to YA/Adults. I also updated their pics to try to illustrate how they can be used better.

click for larger pic

Download makeup from Kitty Klan

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