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Updates @ Kitty Klan

  • Major Tattoo Update – Mix & Match, Thumbnails
  • New Tattoos – Goth Wings, Hearts & Stars Set
  • Mismatched Socks
  • Nerdy Taped Glasses

Updated Tattoos

All previous tattoos have been updated so that they can be mixed & matched together. With Delphy’s last CTU update, I realized it would now be much easier to make mix & match tattoos by assigning each tattoo an accessory type based on the tattoo’s location.

I’ll be using the following conventions for all placements so that I don’t drive myself crazy with inconsistencies.

left arm – left earring
right arm – right earring
backpiece - earrings
chestpiece - bracelet
legs - left ring
full body tattoo - right earring

I was not quite anally retentive enough to name all the updated files the same as the old ones and to copy & paste exactly the same initial colors for the updated tattoos.  Make sure you go through your downloads and delete the old files if you want to keep your CAS options tidy.  Your download folder should still be small enough that this is manageable, right?

All tattoos have thumbnails now as well.  In some cases, there are small color discrepancies between the thumbnail pic and the initial colors.  Also, if you save your own color settings on any of these the game generates the thumbnail wherever it thinks the accessory should be.  So that kind of sucks.




More Tattoo Designs

Two new tattoo designs.

Hearts & Stars is a full set with 4 separate parts (backpiece, legs, left arm, & right arm) that can be mixed and matched together.  It has 3 recolorable regions.

Goth Wings is a single backpiece tattoo with 3 recolorable regions.  For your angsty and goth sims.




Mismatched Socks

Two pairs of mismatched socks.  There’s a knee length version and a shorter one on the website.

Shown here with patterns by M. Calero and sweetichigodream




Taped Nerd Glasses

Two recolorable regions on these.   The regions are easier to see in the previous pic than this one.  The tape itself is not recolorable because I tried it, and it was stupid.

Should show up in a row a 4 with the following options:

1 - no tape
2 – tape between eyes
3 – tape on the sides
4 – tape between eyes & on sides

And because I used the hell out of it in my designing & screens, the damaged wood & paint patterns are from Paint on Paint by guatla


Also, I joined an affiliate program with ThinkGeek because I’m in love with their t-shirts and kitty slave labor doesn’t come cheap (<—blatant lie about kitty slave labor).  If you like that sort of nerdy loot and want to sprinkle me with (fiscal) love, click on one of the ThinkGeek banners from my page, look around, and grab something you like.

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