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Update at Kitty Klan. Two new patterns and a rant. The rant is about how I have asked MS3B to stop featuring my creations & why.  

Here are the patterns.

/* rant */

I have asked MS3B to stop featuring my content because they were largely responsible for my lost interest in creating CC.

(Yes, I know they’re convenient! You know what else is convenient and doesn’t allow creators to be flamed and has a nice interface? Sims 3 Updates)

While I was not attacked personally, I was disgusted by the way that many other creators were treated there. Because of the laissez-faire approach to protecting creators and all the abusive comments, I ended up viewing the TS3 community as a bunch of spoiled asshole brats. The thought of sharing my CC with such enormous fuckwits demotivated me from creating new things. Because honestly, it’s no skin off my back if I stop creating, and I do have other artistic hobbies that I enjoy.

We (creators) are not paid. We don’t have to share anything. You don’t fucking deserve to have awesome CC. It’s not a right. And it’s unbelievably spoiled & disrespectful to criticize the free gifts we create for you. Yes, even the shitty ones. Even the ones you don’t want. Even some cut & paste, photoskinned, nonCASTable project that a 10 year old could make is more than you deserve because we don’t owe you anything.

It’s totally backwards that the TS3 culture is so hostile towards creators--that everything we do that isn’t perfect is an invitation for abuse and criticism. It’s crazy that this is allowed and even expected. Sure, it’s great for utterly useless people who think they’re super-cool for bashing others, but it’s terrible for creators. And personally, I’d rather the TS3 community lose 1000 useless people than lose 1 creator.

It’s sad that people are afraid to try creating CC because of all the criticism. It’s sad the creators are stressed about releasing CC because of the reactions. And it’s sad that so many novice (and even experienced) creators have dropped out of the TS3 community. Novices do get better, but they need encouragement. Some of my first leggings for TS3 were practically bucket-filled. Yes, bucket-filled! I’m just glad that I posted them somewhere with a positive environment (yay, MTS!) and got the encouragement that I did back when I was CC newb.

If you made it this far, congratulations on having an attention span.

I know that not all of you are fuckwits. Many of you are actually generous enough to take 2 minutes to thank/compliment the creator who spent 10 hours making the CC that you downloaded. To you people, thank you for being decent human beings. Keep it up.

/* end rant */

In other news, I have a small update of 2 nature-themed patterns today, and I reorganized the patterns section a bit. I’ve been working on this other project for a while now (still needs a lot of cleaning up), and I just felt the need to take a break and do something that doesn’t come with the headache of learning something new + troubleshooting + making a ton of new textures + meshing + UV mapping + bullet + brain.

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Date: 2011-11-18 05:39 am (UTC)
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These past five patterns you've made are truly gorgeous. I haven't seen anything like them. I enjoy all the rarities you provide on your site. Gives my game a little extra spice I didn't know I always wanted. So glad you're still creating too! Anything you feel like sharing in the future will always be appreciated here. Meanwhile, I'll be abusing these thoroughly. Thanks again!


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